Manufacturing Control & Consulting

QUEST provides design and implementation of manufacturing procedures, including programming calibration, assembly and hand soldering, and testing. Additionally, we can oversee equipment manufacturing processes from beginning to end, from design and implementation to automatic testing (as opposed to operator-controlled testing) and troubleshooting and reliability enhancement.


New Product Development

At QUEST, our primary goals are to ensure strong DFM for products; a smooth start to new production; ease of handover to factories; and preparation for ramping up production. When clients have a functioning prototype of a product for which they need cost optimization, DFM, NPD, manufacturing equipment, and documentation, we’re here to help. QUEST works alongside qualified partner factories and clients’ own teams, handling the complete NPD and EMS processes.


Assembly Services

From start to finish, QUEST provides complete product assembly services. By combining our trustful network of fabrication and machine shops, we build truly unique production parts and equipment. For clients, this means comprehensive services executed from one source; putting an end to cross-country product delivery.

Product Quality Control & Assurance

Before a product leaves the workshop, QUEST performs a final quality control check, and, when necessary and depending upon the product, we source additional third party inspection companies. We currently cooperate with TÜV, SGS, and IPC.


Our services include incoming quality control (IQC), in-process quality control (IPQC), and outgoing quality control (OQC). Additionally, we fulfill requirements for PCB handling and hand soldering and assembly; conducting comprehensive reviews of procedures, assembly, and quality. QUEST also carries out post-production QA follow-ups, complete with batch evaluation and production yield reports; reports on product design flaws with corresponding solutions; and identification and elimination of root causes for process inefficiencies and product defects.

Testing & Certification

An ongoing testing of materials, dimensions and other requirements like temperature resistance and coating thickness belong to our daily business. We are equipped with test devices in our lab to ensure the requested standards of our clients.  Furthermore, we cooperating with international as well as with local third-party test institutes to receive a second opinion to guarantee the standards.


An behalf of our clients or certain country or company requirements, we also organise certifications in close cooperations with our certification institutes.


For shop floor security, we perform comprehensive checks on all personnel going to and from the shop floor, ensuring that operators are not carrying away client products. For campus security, we check each piece to guarantee proper procedures for normal delivery (or special delivery with approval documents). For scrap material procedures, units in need of scrapping will undergo the appropriate process according to procedure, with complete removal of all IP-related information including but not limited to logos, labels and so on.


Final Destination Logistics

After performing final quality control checks, QUEST can help store products and arrange shipping to the client’s final destination. We also provide warehousing services in China, through which goods can be stored and delivered according to your requirements.

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