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Company Overview

QUEST's Business Model is about Providing Manufacturing Solutions at Low Overall Cost and Risk.

Our focus is on making client models more competitive by managing complex business issues. By drawing on the advantages of operating in China to create a competitive edge for clients, we’re able to offer an outsourcing model that is difficult to replicate elsewhere. This strategy is why world leading companies use QUEST as their source for products. Working with such demanding global OEMs enables QUEST to offer its world class services and best practice quality standards, with manufacturing skills comparable to the largest contract manufacturers, but with far greater flexibility and client attention. 


With other companies, a traditional outsourcing model relies on cheap labor and a lack of efficiency on the production line. Operating in developing countries often results in the use of cheap labor and subsequently introduces significant risks into the supply chain. While an efficient production line is important, at the same time, too much focus on production can also result in unresponsiveness and inflexibility. At QUEST, we tackle all aspects of outsourcing operations and production to achieve best practice and low-risk performance.


QUEST´s Outsourcing Model is about Enhancing Client Competitiveness.
QUEST strives to fully understand what it is that will make a client more competitive in the marketplace. This can mean anything from reducing overall cost to winning a greater market share; minimizing working capital and quickening the time to market; responding to a fast changing markets; capturing high margin, short lead-time opportunities; and many other factors. After analyzing a client’s status in the marketplace, QUEST then tailors business and manufacturing processes to meet desired outcomes. 


QUEST takes Responsibility for Achieving Outcomes.

QUEST goes beyond full turnkey assembly by taking ownership of managing client products, using experienced managers and engineers to work on client needs and achieve outcomes that position them more competitively in the market. As a result, clients have no need to visit factories to sort out production problems or to ensure productivity—this is our responsibility. Such practice further reduces overall cost by minimizing or eliminating entirely the need to use client resources or have personnel located on site.

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