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QUEST’s professional engineering team provides customers with opportunities to re-engineer their products or reconfigure processes in order to achieve increased yields and/or optimize performance. Our ability to align our culture, values and vision with those of our clients allows for the quick and thorough utilization of extra resources, with an account manager assigned to each client.


If your forecasts are subject to ups and downs, QUEST can help. Our team of specialists across purchasing, planning, engineering, production and shipping helps clients manage their demand forecasts with consideration for changes in engineering and product configuration. We’ll help your company become more flexible, responsive, and competitive in today’s fast moving market.


Reducing Time to Market Release

QUEST assists clients in achieving their projects’ milestones. With each case, a dedicated project manager interfaces with the client, driving a project plan that pulls in resources from engineering, purchasing, planning and other parts of our team as necessary to ensure such milestones are met.


Pricing and Cost Savings

We work closely with clients to identify ways to make their business models more competitive. At QUEST, we achieve this through the use of intelligent engineering feedback for yield improvement; standardization of processes; reduction of inventory; reduction of time to market through project management; and shipping by order instead of in accordance to forecasts.

Supply Chain Management

QUEST uses ERP systems to factor in the capacity and capability of equipment, as well as lead times on materials; current pricing; bulk purchasing and just-in-time parameters. Clients have complete flexibility in terms of increasing their production, or rescheduling said production according to forecasts. We source components from a global network of in-house approved vendors, with products shipped around the world according to client needs.


At QUEST, we manufacture in adherence with international quality standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, and ISO 13485, with regular audits by the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Our extensive network of technical resources gives us the capability to understand your product in detail; allowing for improvements in design, individual components, and specifications to improve yield and/or optimize performance.


Custom Configuration

QUEST ships according to your forecast: we can build and ship to order and manage Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) requirements, with products configured to the individual needs of the end client prior to shipping.

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