Electronic Components

Connectors, terminals, cables, switches, battery springs and clips, screws, test needles, LED (visible light and infrared), CNC metal parts, semi-conductors, passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors), crystals, ICs, antennas, PCBs, stencils, and more. 


Cabling Accessories

Cabling accessories (connectors, pins, and so on), with assembly services for laser drilling holes, printing, coating, installation, and foaming.


Metal Processing

Aluminum, steel molding, metal stamping, drilling, turning, milling, printing, sanding, oxidation, plating, pressing rivets, and more.


Injection Molding

Custom designed components and finished products; plastic injection molding and mold manufacturing; SLA and other 3D printing models; 3D engineering drawing and prototyping.

Raw Materials & Half-Finished Products

Processed metals, chemicals, partially finished products and more.

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