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Step 1: Product Sourcing

An outsourced project begins by collaborating with your team to create a Request for Quotation (RFQ). This document clearly defines your needs and specifications, and enables Chinese suppliers to determine the cost of production. With the RFQ completed, our China-based team filters through suitable factories to find the most qualified and suitable production partner for you.


Step 2: Setting up an Inquiry

After we’ve considered potential suppliers and selected the most appropriate factory, your RFQ is translated into Chinese and submitted. Translation ensures direct outlining of needs, reduced time for processing, and minimised potential for miscommunication. Ultimately, this step lends authenticity to your request and reduces the time required to receive a quotation, subsequently reducing the risk of errors in production and extra costs due to inaccuracies in product specifications. Your inquiry will be of course treated in a high-confidential way with only NDA signed production facilities.


Step 3: Building a Quotation

Once the factory has reviewed the RFQ and created an accurate quotation with associated delivery and timeline information, our team translates the information back into English, allowing managers to work directly with clients and thoroughly review the project. When the parties agree upon preliminary terms, we proceed with due diligence on the selected manufacturer.


Step 4: Performing Due Diligence

In order to perform a comprehensive due diligence, QUEST carries out the following procedures:

  • Determining license types

  • Confirming proper licensing for international trade

  • Checking registered capital

  • Confirming of sufficient operating capital

  • Examining export history

  • Reviewing references from other exported projects

  • Inspecting physical factory conditions

  • Ensuring the factory is professionally managed and sufficiently equipped

  • Confirming factory certifications, ISO certifications, any other project relevant certifications


Step 5: Issuing Samples

After performing due diligence on selected suppliers, QUEST provides samples in order to give you an in-depth understanding of product quality, giving clients the opportunity to modify the product until it reaches their standards and receives final approval.


Step 6: Contract Execution

Once we complete due diligence and sample approval, QUEST executes a binding contract with the manufacturing partner. These contracts ensure legal enforcement of agreements based on the jurisdiction of local courts in China, offering greater protection than European or America contracts. This makes disputes less likely and resolutions more obtainable, ensuring the delivery of agreed upon levels of quality.


Step 7: Supervision of Inspection Standards

Our quality control managers monitor the production process and oversee quality control based upon QUEST’s internally developed proprietary standards.


Step 8: Quality Control Checklist

QUEST’s checklist is our primary tool to ensure quality; one we go over with clients throughout each stage of the production cycle. We take digital photos upon completion of every line item on the checklist, which are then used to reflect the completion of each point of the cycle and ensure that no surprises arise in product quality once you receive your product.


Step 9: Sign, Seal and Deliver

After the final sign-off by all involved parties, your container is sealed and delivered to the port of destination. QUEST manages the entire logistics process, tracking production at every stage of the journey to keep clients fully informed.

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